Here are our top ten tips for HOW TO PLAY & WIN slots & casinos! Remember to try different sites!!! And stick to the ones you like.

Casino games/card games are fun but only play upto 10% of funds & upto 20% of wins.

WINNERS KNOW.. The more happy and confident you are the better you will spin.

When starting to play slot games, think about what you’d like to win Set your particular goal and as soon as you reach it withdaw it all.

When you have a win, make your withdrawl and only keep on playing if the wins keep coming. Then stop! And say THANK YOU! Spinning new games is like market research, you should win a small amount on each game. If there is a good game you’ve played see what you can get from it. But if bonus games fail to show, then please switch your coin and game choice immediately.

  1. Always take your time, play slow
  2. Stay refreshed – snacks/drink
  3. Take a break – at regular times
  4. Change your coins/games reg
  5. Only play high occasionally (3/100)
  6. Dont chase bonus rounds
  7. Dont chase losses/log out!
  8. Increased deposits (strategy)
  9. Only play what you can afford!
  10. Enjoy yourself and be grateful


Take your time in the casino if you have a small deposit and bonus.

If you have a few hundred in there you may win more clicking fast, you might win more at the beginning of your membership. My own technique was to play FAST at the beginning. This got me wins!

If you’re not good at using strategies then just play slow to be sure.

Avoid Friday Nights and Saturday mornings. Sadly a lot of people lose all their wages

If there are hosts/agents chat to them and say hello. Be friendly to the casino cashier. Ask them how their day is and then ask which games are good. This gives you a head start.

Why it’s best to increase rather than decrease deposits. If you’re confident, had just one bad session this is far better to do this than decreased deposits which will get eaten. So make a plan. Or leave. This strategy is for new casino sign up. Do not try this at the end!

If one particular site isn’t paying, give it a break. If you have won a jackpot or two – login birthdays and Christmas only.

Sometimes it’s good to take a break, take a holiday or stay offline. Don’t let casino play rule your life or be more important than family.

Why do people continue to gamble even after they lose? Well the answer is quite simple you can earn cash faster than you can say parlez vous Francais? And If you have the experience you know the odds of winning on new sites. Always leave something in the pot and go elsewhere if lady luck goes away! Take an informed warning – Electronic money doesn’t have the same feel as paper notes. It can be easy to make a mistake or have an off day. If you feel groggy, or temptation is lurking, visit the ATM or something.

As for professional gambling laws it’s only over a certain amount per month/annum. Small wins are fine. Always check if you’re unsure. Enjoy your wins (can be from $30-1,500 average) there’s no need to play really large coin sizes. Just play to enjoy!

*Disclaimer this is an opinion based review site. And strategy/tips discussion. This website, authors and guests are not responsible for any loss or damage. Readers use caution. 18+ Play responsibly.

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