FAQ – Frequently asked questions!

(relating to this site and other game sites)

  • How do I leave a review? Ratings can be left at the bottom of each review. This adjusts the total ratings.
  • How do I enter to win a prize? Simply hit us up on social or share a review to be in with a chance to win.
  • Are some casinos cheating? No. They are all regulated and licensed. Some games have a higher payback rate.
  • Can i win when playing through a deposit bonus? Yes you can but there is a wagering requirement 30-60xs the total.
  • What is a bonus guarantee? A bonus feature guarantee means the game has to trigger a bonus round after a few spins.
  • How do I know if the casino is any good? Customer service is most important. Cainos should care about players!
  • Willl I ever win the Jackpot? There is no guarantee of winning a Jackpot BUT you may be lucky!
  • Is there a strategy for winning on online games sites? Yes there is. But some new players get LUCKY too.
  • I’ve played a lot and I haven’t won anything? You might want to switch your casino or games!
  • Can you nudge the games? Yes you can but after a certain amount of times it seems nudge proof!
  • I’ve won a lot on one casino will I still get wins? Yes you could still get wins but winners are selected at random!
  • I want to make a complaint about a casino? Yes if you have concerns that have not been satisfied you should report.
  • I get too many emails from fake casino/spam? Your email should not be given out or sold. Unsubscribe, hit spam!
  • I’m playing for a long time and not geting any winnings? Change the game you’re playing or try somewhere else!
  • What are the Double Bubble bubble lines? The lines are top and bottom or three in a row (we think!) Answers welcome!
  • Does anyone ever win on the free daily game? Yes you can win a little but it’s hard to win the big amounts.
  • Do people win on scratchcard games? Usually just the smaller amounts. It’s hard to win big but yes they do.
  • Should I lend money or give to charity? This is up to you but it is better not to lend but to give what you can afford.
  • How do I know I have a gambling problem? If you have any doubt at all to ask then you probably do. Seek help!
  • What should I do with my winnings? Again upto you. We suggest you get ahead with your out goings and things you need.
  • Can I set up my own casino? Yes you can or you can white label. A good track record is required!
  • What time is best to play? Some people prefer the night when it’s quiet. Others prefer the mornings or evenings.
  • Should I let my child see the casino games? No you shouldn’t they are strictly for over 18’s.
  • Do I have to tell people I’ve won? No the only people you need to tell if you win big are the revenue department.
  • I’ve won money and want to invest what should I invest in? Again this is upto you. Listing your priorities helps.
  • Can I win more playing casino games on my mobile? Existing players were rewarded/given bonus to play via phone.
  • Why do some people always win? They have a strategy or general good luck. They may make different lifestyle choices!

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